Fuchsthone Orchestra

Fuchsthone Orchestra

conducting & compositions   Christina Fuchs & Caroline Thon

saxophones   Roger Hanschel, Theresia Philipp, Matthew Halpin, Jens Böckamp, Susanne Weidinger 

trumpets   Christian Mehler, Matthias Knoop, John-Dennis Renken, Matthias Bergmann

trombones   Philipp Schittek, Matthias Schuller, Matthias Muche, Wolf Schenk

vocals   Filippa Gojo

violin   Zuzana Leharovà

piano   Laia Genc

guitar   Andreas Wahl

bass   Alexander Morsey

drums   Jens Düppe

electronics / live samples   Eva Pöpplein


This contemporary jazz orchestra with 20 musicians and 2 conductors was founded in 2018 by Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon. In terms of content, the two musicians from Cologne stand for modern and unusual jazz compositions.

The FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA was recently nominated for the German Jazz Award in the category “Large Ensemble of the Year”. With its regular concert series in Cologne’s Stadtgarten, the ensemble is constantly presenting new compositions and is growing ever closer through its steady concert activity. The two composers and directors of the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA continue to develop their repertoire in a constant process of experiment together with the ensemble, modulating with and through electronics and constantly challenging the fantastic musicians anew.

One can be curious to see what exciting, fresh sound experiences, combined with the greatest joy of playing, will result from each new concert program.Since the stormily celebrated premiere of the FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA in 2019, the programs Reloaded #1 and #2 have already followed, with Reloaded #3 to come at the end of 2021.

Even the Corona Pandemic could not stop the orchestra: with adjusted ensemble size, open air, livestream or via video production, the musicians and leaders continued to work creatively with the given possibilities.

The FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA unites 22 outstanding and award-winning musicians from Cologne and stands for a new, orchestral sound that transcends genre-specific boundaries and takes the listener on a spectacular sound journey. The two composers Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon are leading exponents of contemporary, large-scale jazz and have over two decades of experience in leading large orchestras (United Women’s Orchestra, Thoneline Orchestra, Soundscapes Orchestra).

Surprisingly fresh are their ideas for a new, collaborative ensemble that, with electronics as a sustaining element, goes far beyond the concepts of big band and contemporary jazz.