Luise Volkmann


Luise Volkmann   alto saxophone

Athina Kontou  bass

Max Santner  drums


The music {releases} a dance-like way of thinking, addresses physicality and the flow of thoughts at the same moment. A debut that is challenging and most exciting in its best sense.

Harry Schmidt, Jazzthetik, about “RGB” by Autochrom

Été Large

Luise Volkmann   compositions, altosax

Casey Moir  voice

Laurin Oppermann  voice

Vincent  Bababoutilabo  flute

Gabriel Boyault  tenorsax

Jedrzej Lagodzinski  baritonesax

Erik Kimestad Pedersen  trumpet

Janning Trumann  trombone

Johanna Stein  cello

Athina Kontou  bass

Yannick Lestra  piano

Paul Jarret  guitar

Max Santner  drums

coming soon