Rebecca Trescher


REBECCA TRESCHER clarinet, bassclarinet, composition
JULIAN HESSE trumpet, horn
JOACHIM LENHARDT tenor sax, bassclarinet, flute
MARKUS HARM alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet
ANTON MANGOLD harp, alto sax, clarinet
ROLAND NEFFE vibraphone
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New Album: Rebecca Trescher Tentett – CHARACTER PIECES
(Release May 3, 2024)

2022 Rising Star “Clarinet” Downbeat Magazine

2022 German Jazz Award “Composition of the Year”

2022 Nomination for the German Jazz Award “Large Ensemble of the Year”
2022 New German Jazz Award

One of the most interesting ensembles on the current German jazz scene.



Rebecca Trescher Tentet by Lutz Voigtländer

When the whole is far more than just the sum of its parts. For almost ten years, the leading jazz composer, clarinettist and bandleader Rebecca Trescher and her ensemble have been achieving excellence in the truest sense of the word: new audible horizons, subtly located between jazz and contemporary serious music. The interplay of plan and freedom creates acoustic journeys along Trescher’s sensitive compositions. Both musically and in the line-up of her tentet, the Tübingen native favours free spirit and a gift for combination. Wind instruments and rhythm section fuse with cello, vibraphone and harp. What carries at one point ebbs away again, what subtly ensnares suddenly drives forward eruptively. With her compositions, Trescher creates the creative space for the power of the improvisers at work here. Never bold, but associative and organic.

This allows the audience to experience the band’s characteristic sound language, both individually and collectively. The result is a symphonic shoulder-to-shoulder union and soundtrack, both personal and universal. They have now released four successful albums – ranging from dark and shadowy to tender and optimistic. Intuitive and playful, but at the same time following a clear work character, Rebecca Trescher breaks musical boundaries. She consciously takes her tentet beyond existing genres in its unitary virtuosity and explorative artistry. 

About the band history

The unique Rebecca Trescher Tentett, which was founded ten years ago by the Tübingen-born composer and clarinettist, has made an excellent name for itself on the German jazz scene in recent years with numerous concerts at home and abroad on the one hand and continuous ensemble work on the other. Four albums released to date and numerous awards document the constant development and refinement of the band’s individual and collective sound language, which has enabled them to develop a very unique and strong personal style. 

On the one hand, this is characterised by the special combination of jazz and contemporary serious music in Trescher’s compositions, which skilfully oscillate between musical experimentation and symphonic melodiousness with a diverse palette of sound colours. The boundaries between through-composed, richly detailed art music and free improvisation created spontaneously from the moment are casually blurred. The composer knows how to masterfully utilise the multi-layered possibilities of the instrumentation of (bass) clarinet, several saxophones, which are often also used as flutes and clarinets, trumpet and flugelhorn, cello, concert harp, vibraphone, piano, double bass and percussion for the flow of her musical ideas.

On the other hand, the music is brought to life by the high-calibre and well-considered combination of strong musical personalities from all over Germany, all of whom are themselves individualists on the German jazz scene and who, through precise coordination, shared experience and mutual trust, continue to inspire each other to musical excellence. It is this extraordinary friendly energy of the ensemble, which has grown over the years, that immediately sparks the audience, both in moments of ecstasy and in moments of chamber music intimacy. Even during the pandemic, the Rebecca Trescher Tentet managed to tour Germany and, with the release of their critically acclaimed fourth album “Paris Zyklus | The Spirit of the Streets”, proved beyond doubt that they are one of the most innovative and visionary projects on the contemporary jazz scene. 

Rebecca Trescher is someone to keep an eye or ear on – on both sides of the Atlantic.


Not only the execution, but also the dramaturgy of this music is perfect!


With her tentet, 35-year-old clarinettist, composer and bandleader Rebecca Trescher not only delivers a personal reminiscence of Parisian days, but also her masterpiece.


The harp, cello and flutes play prominent roles in this unusual ensemble; symphonic poems by impressionist composers such as Debussy are likely to have influenced Trescher’s sound ideal just as much as medium-sized ensembles in the Afro-American tradition, such as those of Charles Mingus.


Just as she allows herself time for her detailed and sometimes tricky thematic expositions, she also gives the improvisers enough freedom. In most cases, she has invented separate backgrounds for each soloist. Plan and freedom are given a common structure by the composition, and the outstanding improvisers turn each piece into a well-rounded, coherent tone poem. The compositions take on the character of a work in the classical sense.


May one simply say that no one has ever composed for jazz like Rebecca Trescher?